AWS re:Invent 2015 Day Three

Steps: 17,018!  (~ 8.3 miles!) New high count.  Mostly due to repeated trips between Treasure Island and the Venetian.

The keynote address focused on IoT, the Internet of Things, and how AWS is building services to enable developers to write applications, data sources, and data sinks for IoT-connected devices.  Several ra-ra stories from big names like BMW and John Deere.

I got iced out of the first session I wanted to attend, “Monitoring Strategies: Finding Signal in the Noise”.  By the time I got to the room it was full and the ushers were turning away a stready stream of people.   Instead, I contacted the other two tech guys from INetU and we had lunch and a good discussion on applying our new-found AWS knowledge in the company.

Next session I wanted was “Zero Infrastructure, Real-Time Data Collection, and Analytics”.  I got iced out here as well, so I went to the Hands-On Lab and started working through QwikLab tutorials on using AWS resources.   Developing my AWS skillset seems like a sure-fire win going foward, and I finished several labs.

I did make it into “Cloud First: New Architecture for New Infrastructure”, given by two developers from Monsanto.  They discussed the daunting task of help developing at Monsanto, spread all over the world, migrate from legacy platforms to a cloud-based, microservice-based application paradigm using AWS.  They’ve written several useful tools available on Github for building out AWS infrastructure in ways that prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot and assisting developers in building microservices.  Very cool stuff.  At least a couple of these tools will be directly useful to INetU and our customers.

I skipped the next session and headed back to the Hands-On Lab for more tutorials.  I completed one badge and started working on the Solutions Architect – Associate quest, a series of labs to familiarize myself with the AWS services covered in that AWS Certification exam.

I finished off the evening with another dinner with everyone from INetU at the Wynn buffet (crab legs!!!!) and another poker session, where I busted with AK < A9 after villian made two pair to my one pair.  Oh well. Still finished with a positive bump to my poker roll.

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