Update and Back on the Wagon

May was a difficult month! I did well during my trip to Tulsa but really fell off the wagon after I got home. Flying always makes my back hurt because economy class seats aren’t designed for big guys with wide shoulders, offer little lumbar support, and I end up hurting my back keeping myself out of my neighbors chair space. On top of that, the flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia landed like a sack of bricks falling off a 10 story building. I pulled a muscle in my mid-back that caused me pain for three weeks before letting up. Long story short, I let me Keto Chow diet lag badly.

I am now back on the Keto Chow band wagon and visited my endocrinologist yesterday. He gave me two gold stars! I’m down almost 20lbs according to their records and my HbA1c, which measures long-term blood sugar averages, decreased from 10.3 in February, 2015, to 7.9! That’s a huge difference and even more important that my weight loss. I figured it would be somewhat lower but I never thought it would improve that much! Doc said each point lower of HbA1c decreases my risk of complications by 50%!

I’m really psyched and need to keep up the good work.

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