Keto Chow: Day 2

Keto Chow day two went pretty well. Woke up hungry, which is normal. My bg at breakfast (7:50AM) was 156, which is a bit higher than I like. Don’t know why. Had lunch at 1:00PM and was hungry again by then. Bg was 128, much better. Was hungry again by 5:00PM when I left work. Had my supper meal at about 6:15PM and my Bg then was 64 (whoah, low!), but was not feeling the effect of it. I think I was seeing the last of the glucagon in my system getting used up. Stayed hungry after supper so I snacked on some beef jerky to try to take the edge off. Eventually the hungry’s subsided.

I expect I’m starting into ketosis and the next few days will be rough while my body adjusts. Ordered a second flavor of Keto Chow, “Gourmet Vanilla”. The “Rich Chocolate” is nice, and tastes very much like sugar-free dark chocolate pudding, but I can see myself getting tired of it day after day. So, we’ll see what the vanilla version tastes like. There is also a Minty Chocolate and a Strawberry version, which I’ll probably try at some point.

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