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AWS re:Invent 2015 Day 2

Steps: 11,520 or approximately 5.6 miles. Less than yesterday, but not bad.

I attended several sessions today. These notes are mostly to help me put in a pin in things I need to think more about.

The keynote address was a whirlwind of new services from AWS combined with testimonials from big AWS users demonstrating what can be done on AWS if you put your mind to it.

“AWS Security State of the Union” provided updates on best security practices in the AWS Cloud and introduced a product from Oceda that makes handling VPN networks between a few, some, or many man VPCs a breeze. Their product can also connection on-premises datacenters, office, travellers, and even mobile users to the same VPN network as needed. VERY cool.

I met an INetU coworker for lunch and had a good chat about applying what I’m learning here to work issues.

“Architecting for HIPAA Compliance on AWS” gave me an introduction to how enterprises that handle Person Health Information can leverage appropriate technologies in AWS combined with good procedures and processes to attain HIPAA compliance. A real firehose of information.

“Learn how Organizations are using Containers, Red Hat, and AWS to Achieve Extreme IT Agility and Combat Network Exploits”. This talk was given by one person from Red Hat and two former colleagues from Duke University, Sean Dilda and Chris Collins. They told us how Duke used docker containers running in AWS to mitigate a DOS attack that hammered the www.duke.edu website and disrupted Duke’s internal network. With 30 minutes work, Chris was able to build a docker image of the main duke website, upload it to AWS and get it running. A DNS change sent all the DOS traffic to AWS and mitigated the damage to Duke’s internal network. Duke’s main website for external users remains on AWS. They also talked about the trials and tribulations of learning about docker, determining how to migrate existing apps, and build out an infrastructure to support docker.

I had a great dinner with Sean after his presentation, then went back to my hotel room to log in and fix something at work. Once that was done, I headed back to the Venetian for another winning poker session. A very nice capstone for an event filled day.

AWS re:Invent Day One 10/6

Steps:  15,704 or about 7.68 miles assuming an average stride length of 31 inches.  That’s far longer than I’ve walked in a long time!  My feet are sore but I never got winded.  Go me.

I didn’t sign up for any bootcamps or labs, so I had the day free until the Expo reception at 5PM.  I relaxed, played some poker (won!) and then headed into the reception.  WHAT A ZOO!!!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a packed crowd before. I wandered around, talked to some vendors, then left.  The crowds got to me a bit and I need some air.  Had a great dinner with the rest of the INetU crowd at the conference and came back to my room.

I’ve got several sessions targeted tomorrow and hope to gain information about Elasticsearch on AWS.

Trip Report and Weight Milestone

I got home last night from my trip to Tulsa to attend my daughter’s college graduation.  The trip was awesome.   Tulsa is a big, flat, spread out town with lots of green space, which surprised me for some reason.  I figured it would be more built up.  It was also designed by someone who lacked a French curve.  He/she had a ruler and a pencil; everything is laid out on a strict north/south/east/west grid unless a river or something gets in the way.

I didn’t take my Keto Chow with me.  I didn’t know if we’d have a refrigerator in the room and didn’t really want to mess with making it while travelling.  Instead, I tried to eat healthy low-carb meals and mostly succeeded.  I did splurge at IHOP yesterday morning and had some pancakes with my breakfast.

This morning, I stepped on the scale expecting to have  gained some weight or at best held fast.  My last weigh-in was 344.6 before we left on Friday morning.  Today was 339.8!  I lost 4.8 pounds and broke the 340lb mark!!!!!  I’ve not been this light in over a year, and that was due to food poisoning or a mild flu or something that laid me low for a couple days.  You could have pushed me over with a feather!

So, tomorrow is back on Keto Chow, more exercise, and moving on.

Dieting on the Go

I’m out of town at my daughter’s graduation this weekend and coping with a keti/low-carb diet while travelling.  I quickly learned that the past 2-3 weeks quickly adapted my body to a very low-carb diet.  I leaped off the wagon Friday while travelling and paid for it handsomely.  My body didn’t like having a bunch of carbs poured suddenly poured into it at all.  Since then, I’ve limited the carbs and focused on healthy low-carb meal options and I’ve felt much better.  I can’t wait to get back home and back on the Keto Chow again, strange as that may sound.  My body likes the KC and it’s easy to stay on a diet using it.

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