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Update and Back on the Wagon

May was a difficult month! I did well during my trip to Tulsa but really fell off the wagon after I got home. Flying always makes my back hurt because economy class seats aren’t designed for big guys with wide shoulders, offer little lumbar support, and I end up hurting my back keeping myself out of my neighbors chair space. On top of that, the flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia landed like a sack of bricks falling off a 10 story building. I pulled a muscle in my mid-back that caused me pain for three weeks before letting up. Long story short, I let me Keto Chow diet lag badly.

I am now back on the Keto Chow band wagon and visited my endocrinologist yesterday. He gave me two gold stars! I’m down almost 20lbs according to their records and my HbA1c, which measures long-term blood sugar averages, decreased from 10.3 in February, 2015, to 7.9! That’s a huge difference and even more important that my weight loss. I figured it would be somewhat lower but I never thought it would improve that much! Doc said each point lower of HbA1c decreases my risk of complications by 50%!

I’m really psyched and need to keep up the good work.

Trip Report and Weight Milestone

I got home last night from my trip to Tulsa to attend my daughter’s college graduation.  The trip was awesome.   Tulsa is a big, flat, spread out town with lots of green space, which surprised me for some reason.  I figured it would be more built up.  It was also designed by someone who lacked a French curve.  He/she had a ruler and a pencil; everything is laid out on a strict north/south/east/west grid unless a river or something gets in the way.

I didn’t take my Keto Chow with me.  I didn’t know if we’d have a refrigerator in the room and didn’t really want to mess with making it while travelling.  Instead, I tried to eat healthy low-carb meals and mostly succeeded.  I did splurge at IHOP yesterday morning and had some pancakes with my breakfast.

This morning, I stepped on the scale expecting to have  gained some weight or at best held fast.  My last weigh-in was 344.6 before we left on Friday morning.  Today was 339.8!  I lost 4.8 pounds and broke the 340lb mark!!!!!  I’ve not been this light in over a year, and that was due to food poisoning or a mild flu or something that laid me low for a couple days.  You could have pushed me over with a feather!

So, tomorrow is back on Keto Chow, more exercise, and moving on.

Dieting on the Go

I’m out of town at my daughter’s graduation this weekend and coping with a keti/low-carb diet while travelling.  I quickly learned that the past 2-3 weeks quickly adapted my body to a very low-carb diet.  I leaped off the wagon Friday while travelling and paid for it handsomely.  My body didn’t like having a bunch of carbs poured suddenly poured into it at all.  Since then, I’ve limited the carbs and focused on healthy low-carb meal options and I’ve felt much better.  I can’t wait to get back home and back on the Keto Chow again, strange as that may sound.  My body likes the KC and it’s easy to stay on a diet using it.

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Gourmet Vanilla Keto Chow

Monday, I received a week’s supply of “Gourmet Vanilla” flavored Keto Chow and today (Tuesday) was my first chance to try it.  I like it!  It’s just as good as the “Rich Chocolate” I bought first.

My blood sugars were good today.  I reduced the amount of Lantus I’m taking and that seems to have dealt with the overnight low issue.  Need more time to really tell.

Got some exercise as well. I mowed the second half of the lawn after work today!  Go me.

Keto vs. Insulin

Durnit. Had to break my diet last night. Had a relatively good day yesterday. Mowed half my lawn, did well with the Keto Chow. But I woke up about 3:15AM this morning feeling really weird. Went downstairs and checked my blood sugar. It was 60! That’s not good. Made some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and added some crushed saltine crackers. That got my blood sugar back up where it belonged. This morning it was 125, which is just fine with me.

Looks like I need to adjust the amount of Lantus insulin I’m taking. I’ve already adjusted my Novolog dosing (eliminated actually, because I’m getting virtually no carbs in my diet). The Lantus is my base dose and I’m going to cut it back to prevent going low at night like this again.

I did this kind of adjustment of my insulin doses when I was on the South Beach diet so I’m familiar with how it works.

Keto Update

Day whatever of my diet. Woke up early, wasn’t hungry. Didn’t eat anything until like 2PM. Then didn’t eat my supper shake until 8:15pm. Still have one more to go today. Dunno if I’ll eat it or not. Very low energy today. I think the reaction to going keto is finally kicking in. I’m showing a small amount of ketone bodies in my pee, so I know I’m into ketosis. Hopefully more energy tomorrow so I can mow the lawn.

Keto Challenge

First Keto diet challenge met. Took my wife’s car to a detail shop today and had to hang out at a coffee shop while the work was done. Job ran long and I needed lunch. Oh noes! Went to a pizza joint and ordered a grilled chicken ceasar salad. HUGE salad with two entire chicken breasts on top! Gracious. Dressing was on the side, so I dipped a bit each time, ate only 1 of the crouton squares, and had a nice low-carb lunch. Go me!

Keto Chow: Day 2

Keto Chow day two went pretty well. Woke up hungry, which is normal. My bg at breakfast (7:50AM) was 156, which is a bit higher than I like. Don’t know why. Had lunch at 1:00PM and was hungry again by then. Bg was 128, much better. Was hungry again by 5:00PM when I left work. Had my supper meal at about 6:15PM and my Bg then was 64 (whoah, low!), but was not feeling the effect of it. I think I was seeing the last of the glucagon in my system getting used up. Stayed hungry after supper so I snacked on some beef jerky to try to take the edge off. Eventually the hungry’s subsided.

I expect I’m starting into ketosis and the next few days will be rough while my body adjusts. Ordered a second flavor of Keto Chow, “Gourmet Vanilla”. The “Rich Chocolate” is nice, and tastes very much like sugar-free dark chocolate pudding, but I can see myself getting tired of it day after day. So, we’ll see what the vanilla version tastes like. There is also a Minty Chocolate and a Strawberry version, which I’ll probably try at some point.