AWS re:Invent Day One 10/6

Steps:  15,704 or about 7.68 miles assuming an average stride length of 31 inches.  That’s far longer than I’ve walked in a long time!  My feet are sore but I never got winded.  Go me.

I didn’t sign up for any bootcamps or labs, so I had the day free until the Expo reception at 5PM.  I relaxed, played some poker (won!) and then headed into the reception.  WHAT A ZOO!!!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a packed crowd before. I wandered around, talked to some vendors, then left.  The crowds got to me a bit and I need some air.  Had a great dinner with the rest of the INetU crowd at the conference and came back to my room.

I’ve got several sessions targeted tomorrow and hope to gain information about Elasticsearch on AWS.

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